verb: to humph someone or to go humphing around.

Pronounced hmffff; requires practice to vocalize properly. High-pitched rendering particularly effective. Short for harumph.

x: I did nothing.
y: You just said she was humphing up and down all over the place, dude.
x: I don't know what I did.
y: You better figure it out.
by escuchon May 14, 2008
Top Definition
Interjection used to express displeasure when something doesn't come out the way you wish
Silly girlfriend:So are you taking me out for dinner tonight?
You:Sorry hunny,i can't.I'm going to watch the football game with the guys.
Silly girlfriend:Humph!
by 8inches September 18, 2005
Rudyard Kipling's just so stories- the camel that said humph. Expression of annoyance or an indication of imminent sulking
Nagging Mum: Switch off the tv and go get some fresh air
Nagee: humph!
by Msci May 09, 2004
A word that can be used in everyday conversations or texts when you dont know what to say.Also can be used when awkward moments come up
I know right she so annoying dont you think so?

by jbgirl February 01, 2009
a term used wen there is no other word to explain it! is used instead of mer , meh, reh and ish as queensland and north nsw teens say!!
omg look was she is wearing.. she's such a humph
what are u doing tonight?..... humph
by micky...skank March 31, 2006
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