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A reverse reversal of fortune.

When a company or, oh, say a TV sitcom (aka Happy Days), begins a downward spiral, the moment that the spiral began they are said to have "jumped the shark". However, if by intelligence or more likely pure chance, said company or sitcom turns the downward spiral around and all of a sudden they are in the black or renewed for another season, they have "humped the shark". Okay, what it means is Fonzie jumped the shark and then turned around and humped the powerful beast and who wouldn't renew a show that had the cojones to do that in the '70s?
Man, Apple really jumped the shark with Newton back 1993.

Yeah, but they humped the shark when they came up with the iPod. I sure hope they don't jump it again with the iPad.
by yowaldo August 06, 2010
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