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While sometimes regarded as a "Side-Effect" of drinking PowerThirst, it is, in actuality, a Crystal Meth induced ability to Emit, or Blast Out prismatic Cheetahs/Leopards (depending on the user, and extent of use) from the Chest or Groin regions.

The Many-Colored Felines travel with such force that even Andre the Giant would have no Hope of withstanding the Impact.
"Alright bitch, empty the register, or I will hump-cat your brown ass!"

"Dude, I'm so fucking methed-out, I think I'm gonna start hump-catting!"

"And then, out of nowhere... Boosh! He fuckin' hump-catted me and stole my wallet!"
by Malachi Tate July 10, 2008
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The act of thrusting one's hips forward and launching a projectile panther from one's crotch. Best depicted in the video "Powerthirst 2." Its creation has been credited to you, because you are "too energetic for normal sports."
"Similar to Bear Blasting"

Person 1: "Hey, do you want to play some football?"

Person 2: "No, but I've been practicing my humpcatting!"
by Dorthu January 03, 2008
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The act of thrusting your hips forward and "blasting" a rainbow-colored leopard from your chest. Hump-Catting can only be performed after having drunk a Powerthirst energy drink.

Similar to Bear-Blasting.
THINK FAST DOUCHE-FAG! Powerthirst now comes in DOVE!


by damawesome March 05, 2009
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While drinking an uncomfortable ammount of Powerthirst (or any other energy beverage with a gratuidious ammount of energy), you may experiance hump-catting, also known as shooting a large jungle cat from your lower abdomen. You must scream at an obnoxious level while doing this.

It also can be used as hump-catted, and hump-catatiousness.
When Jean chugged the can of Pepsi,he started hump-catting Mark in the face.
by Leon Sinclaire April 17, 2009
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Dude, I just chugged a powerthirst, and now I can't stop HUMP-CATTING!
by Tommy Thompson October 16, 2007
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A sport you'll invent because you'll be TOO ENERGETIC FOR NORMAL SPORTS!!

Similar to Bear-Blasting
After having consumed a rocket can of Powerthirst, the young man got the top score in Hump-Catting.
by BallisticJ October 08, 2012
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