cause it's downhill after wednesday; it's the hump you have to get over.
by leonie May 14, 2003
Would you like the orgin of Hump Day? As You Wish. Originally named after Prince Humperdink from "The Princess Bride"
It was on a Wednesday he was to be married to Buttercup, but Wesley disguised as the Dread Pirate Roberts swooped in and saved the day.

The people decided to call every Wednesday Hump day so the evil prince would be reminded of his failure for eternity.
#hump day #princess bride #prince humperdink #wednesday #failure
by JJ Easy November 20, 2013
The middle of the week, can be found on any given Wednesday or any other day in which I choose to hump you and or your mouth.
Jay "Ay michelle .. you know what day it is?
Michelle"No, what day is it?"
Jay " its hump day, so come here and get humped today."
Michelle. " well I suppose its alright since it is hump day and all."
#hump day #humpday #wednesday #all day #everyday
by cherrycity October 30, 2013
A term used exclusively by douchebags in reference to Wednesday.
Some douchebag named Garrett: Happy hump day!

Man: It's called Wednesday, you piece of garbage.
#garrett #humpday #hump day #douche #douchebag
by Heegagurkurk February 21, 2009
Wednesday - the day preceding Thursday and after Tuesday, midweek week peak day...down hill slide to the weekend.

Acronym - Having Unusual Midweek Psychotic Delusions And Yearnings
No example for Hump Day required...see above.
#acronym for hump day #hump day #wednesday #middle of week #midweek #days of the week
by justpassntime November 04, 2011
Being screwed in the middle of the week either way we look there is a work day before and after.
It gets you coming and going, hump day.
#wednesday #mid-week #on top of the hell #middle of the week #hellday
by Dahpeach June 17, 2009
Wednesday. It is called hump day beccause it is often referred as the ''hump'' of the week because it's two more days til Friday
Today is hump day. Let's hump
#hump #camel #humping #wednesday #masturbation
by Your Mom in a bikini July 26, 2006
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