verb: to carry a load by hand, usually referring to an unusually heavy or unwieldy load, and/or an abnormally long distance, that would not be expected of sane, rational, people. Term is military/aviation in origin.
"Amtrak was running 3 hours late, so there were no taxis at the station when we got into town. We had to hump our bags 6 blocks through 'da hood to get to the hotel. Not my idea of a party."
by speedstan February 23, 2010
to carry a lot of heavy shit
"The sargeant made me hump the M60 in addition to the 50lbs in my ruck sack."
by Allie October 25, 2001
A slang term for Camel brand cigarettes.
"I need a pack of humps"
"I need a hump"
"I need to be humped"

Customer to convenience store clerk: "Hump me"
Clerk: "What?!!?"
by M Rockwell February 15, 2007
When combined with sport-to rub up against someone in a secksual way. See sport-hump.
Back in the day, we used to sport-hump the damsels out back 'o the barn after the county ball.
by hydroponics May 20, 2003
to be late or unreliable. Someone who is always slacking
Donita is never ready on time, She is always on some hump.
by tapvb3 July 09, 2006
the job title of many employies in a warehouse...
that collin guy is a hump
by bring it on home June 27, 2006
one who is lower than a loser. an absolute piece of shit.
man, your such a hump.
by BFG March 13, 2005
for a person or animal to stick its penis into another person or animals vagina or asshole
he was so horny he had to hump something so he humped the nearest thing to him- his dog (who by the way is also a male). He grabbed the dog aggresively and tore down is pants and boxers at the same time, all the while pulling the dog closer and closer. Soon the positioned the dog over his erect penis and started humping. his penis went in and out, slowly at first then getting faster and faster, in out in out. the dog loved it and whined in pleasure. soon the dog wriggled out of his arms and the man smiled as the dog cirled behind him. He lay down on the couch and now it was the dog's turn. the dog lay on his back, pushing his penis into the man with pleasure and whining uncontrollably. When they were both done they lay happily together, side by side. "You truly are mans best friend" the guy said, smiling "and a heck of a good humper too." Then the dog and guy went at it in another round of humping.
by Sexylady990 May 19, 2007
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