verb: to carry a load by hand, usually referring to an unusually heavy or unwieldy load, and/or an abnormally long distance, that would not be expected of sane, rational, people. Term is military/aviation in origin.
"Amtrak was running 3 hours late, so there were no taxis at the station when we got into town. We had to hump our bags 6 blocks through 'da hood to get to the hotel. Not my idea of a party."
by speedstan February 23, 2010
The middle back seat of a car which is usually never called unless the bitch seat is the only one left. or the trunk.
Girls or little kids are often stuck with this seat. Unless they are really a bitch. Then they get the bitch seat.
Hump is 5th best after driver, shot gun, wing man, andback seat driver, but better than trunk or bitch seat.

Ben-shot gun! Bitches.
John-wing man! YES!!
Frank-Damn. I guess I got the hump.
Anthony- I'll take back seat driver.
Russell- All that is left is the trunk. So that's mine.
John- Nope, the dead guy is in the back. So you'll have to sit in the bitch seat.
Who's driving?!?
by jpabaloni December 02, 2006
To have a penis inserting into a womens vagina every other second in a pattern.
Jarrod wanted to hump the sexy chick cause he thought he saw her invite him to unzip his zipper with her in the bed
by sex wizards101 May 13, 2003
lowly worker, grunt, pee-on, low on the totem pole
origin: hunched or hump-backed from hard labor

“I wish these humps would hurry up and move those boxes.”
by shermantheblue baby August 06, 2008
Bad; something that is no good. Can also be used in place of 'fucked up'. :"thats so hump"
Dude, that chick's face is hump
by Cherry Flava Koolaids June 09, 2010
an acronym for "Higher Up Management Person", generally used in a mildly derogatory but loving sense, much as one might feel about a three-legged puppy
Far from solving the problem, everything the HUMP's tried seemed to make things worse
by bertimus maximus May 06, 2008
To carry somthing, uasually large, used mostly in Queens or The Bronx New York. Figure of speech used by men with brains the size of mosquitoes.
My fucking boss has me humping this fucking shit up three fucking floors.
by Papaya King September 03, 2008
To act as a million dollar (training costs) pack mule for the US Military.
"Ready for a 30 mile desert hump Lance Corporal?" "Fuck you Colonel".
by JeremyWolf September 15, 2006

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