verb: to carry a load by hand, usually referring to an unusually heavy or unwieldy load, and/or an abnormally long distance, that would not be expected of sane, rational, people. Term is military/aviation in origin.
"Amtrak was running 3 hours late, so there were no taxis at the station when we got into town. We had to hump our bags 6 blocks through 'da hood to get to the hotel. Not my idea of a party."
#bag-drag #drag bags #push bags #manhandle #kick
by speedstan February 23, 2010
A complete and total idiot. Someone who can't handle even the simplest of plans or assignments.
"We need that job done, like, YESTERDAY!! I called Charlie and he said he doesn't have the siding."

"That's because the hump never bought it!!"
#idiot #dolt #dullard #moron #nimrod #dumbass
by Jennifer Ladd March 21, 2009
A pack or carton(s) of camel cigarettes.
John when you go to the store get me a pack of (humps).
#camels #cigarettes #tobacco #smoke #smoking
by ganjaghost April 04, 2015
the person sitting in the middle of the back seat, not to be confused to the middle seat in the front which of course is the bitch seat.
I didn't notice the fuzz following us because tall-ass Jason was sitting hump & I couldn't see out the back.
#bitch #wingman #backseat driver #dumb fuck #tall ass jason
by lift-ticket July 30, 2006
yo, last time i checked, this wasn't a sexual innuendo, it was how animals "make babies". am i right or am i right?
Man#1: Hey, look at our dogs.
Man#2: Oh my gosh, i think Rover is humping Bitsy!
Man#1: Get ready for some puppies, then.
#animals #make babies #dogs #humps #sex
by fa la la la la April 01, 2007
Fool, Idiot, Jerk. Derogatory term, used e.g. by 2nd generation New York Italians to denounce other caucasians.
"You think you gonna live long enough to spend that money, you fuckin' hump?"
Arty Clay (Frank Gio) in the movie "King Of New York" by Abel Ferrara (1990) (
#hump #idiot #jerk #fool #italian #new york
by anna k. November 11, 2005
Hump - hump on a camel, other animal or act of human or animal sexual nature.
"Can to get your dog to stop humping my" leg!!
#camel #sex #hump #humping #dog #sexual.
by Christopher De Rycke December 03, 2006
The middle back seat of a car which is usually never called unless the bitch seat is the only one left. or the trunk.
Girls or little kids are often stuck with this seat. Unless they are really a bitch. Then they get the bitch seat.
Hump is 5th best after driver, shot gun, wing man, andback seat driver, but better than trunk or bitch seat.

Ben-shot gun! Bitches.
John-wing man! YES!!
Frank-Damn. I guess I got the hump.
Anthony- I'll take back seat driver.
Russell- All that is left is the trunk. So that's mine.
John- Nope, the dead guy is in the back. So you'll have to sit in the bitch seat.
Who's driving?!?
#shot gun #driver #wing man #back seat driver #bitch seat #trunk #car #seats #my life #is a #black #abyss
by jpabaloni December 02, 2006
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