verb: to carry a load by hand, usually referring to an unusually heavy or unwieldy load, and/or an abnormally long distance, that would not be expected of sane, rational, people. Term is military/aviation in origin.
"Amtrak was running 3 hours late, so there were no taxis at the station when we got into town. We had to hump our bags 6 blocks through 'da hood to get to the hotel. Not my idea of a party."
by speedstan February 23, 2010
the interaction between two people either male with male, or female with male. with definite thrust into one's reproductive system. it may vary from many different ways.
" Dayum, that chicks just so finee. I want to hump her all night long. "
by Ching Chong Bobbio. June 30, 2006
Hump is the lump on your ass. Fergie sings about her hump in the song My Humps by Black Eyed Peas. ALso can be your boobs
Fergie has nice humps
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
to have sexual relations with another person.
I am going to hump him hard tonight.
by VolumptousBlonde June 25, 2008
Vietnam-Era Military Verb: To march, walk, hike, or otherwise engage in long distance traveling by foot for the purposes of waging war, moving materials, or bringing the fight to the enemy.

To hump means simply to walk during combat conditions.
We had to hump 8 klicks before sundown and then dig a fox hole before eating chow for the night.
by shailoche August 12, 2009
Breasts and/or "junk in the trunk". Anything curvaceous on a female body. A good investment in order to receive what is known as "bling".*

*Refer to Black Eye Peas song that induces cringing.
"Check out my humps while I point to my bottom and chest. Aren't they rather exquisite?"
by Suzie072 December 18, 2005
thrusting your penis against someones vagina and continue
you: *hump against womens vagina*

her: *moans*
by guest3156 June 30, 2014

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