A person who thinks sex is funny.
Most of the people who submit U.D. defs are humorsexuals.
by Peter Eaton November 21, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who enjoys sexual humor.
GREG: Bobby.

BOBBY: What.

GREG: Did you know that Sharon Cox married Peter Eaton, and now her name is Sharon Eaton-Cox?

BOBBY: Greg, you're such a humorsexual.

GREG: I'm not a homosexual! I fucked Marsha!

BOBBY: No, I said a Humor Sexual.

GREG: Oh. Yep, sure am!
by Peter Fuller June 16, 2006
1. Describing someone so hysterically funny that it makes them irresistibly sexy.

2. When a person finds humor to be sexually attractive.
Conan O'Brien is so humorsexual I would pound him like yesterday's beef!
by ViciousValentine March 18, 2010
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