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To flatter or compliment someone to make him/her feel better/

To make a joke or be funny.
Lisa said John lost a lot of weight today.
Lisa was Humoring John.
by Samual Lionheart November 05, 2010
Something make someone laugh,same as comedy&jokes.
Humor usually funny,and some people have talent to make humor and jokes.
Anthony:Do you know how to get humor?
Jonathan:Maybe searching on sites.
Anthony:I think books is better
by I forget my name September 15, 2011
The use of language or actions to induce laughter. Can be in many forms. slapstick wit sarcasm comedy irony as well as many others.

Also used to describe a mood.
Cindy exhibits good humor when she tells her boyfriend, "Sure, I will happily give you head."
by _name_ June 24, 2006
A quality that few here possess.
Have you read a humorous definition on this site? Ever
by VoodooToast! September 14, 2006
used when describing that something is very funny, comes from slang developed in the city of santa monica
Did you see that new movie. That shit was so humor.
by Charles November 17, 2003
humorous writing
by Anonymous May 05, 2003