1. noun - A military transport vehicle. 2. noun - The act of fellatio wherein the fellater hums during the operation. 3. noun - FuckTARD!
by Anonymous April 13, 2003

Blow job.
Although there are more complicated, intricate definitions, any BJ can be cqlled a hummer.
I know a guy that got a hummer from his Mom.

Dude! That's sick!
by wumn? November 06, 2004
British / Scottish

An unpleasant or undesirable female, coming from the verb 'to hum' - to emit an unpleasant odour
"Lizzie Johnstone is a pure hummer, so she is"
by Rule Britannia March 27, 2003
A frickin' alchoholic Drink
"TGI-Friday's makes a bad ass Hummer"
by J2k3 March 25, 2003
The biggest frikin "SUV" in the entire world. For such a big "SUV", its got a very small gas mileage. It pulls out of the gas station and runs outta gas. More like a monster truck than a "SUV".
Gas Attendant: Shes all filled up Ned, and this time it only took 1 hour to climb up to the gas cap.

Ned: Thanks dude, how much do I owe ya?

Gas Attendant: Lets see, it comes around to about $2,440.

Ned: Better than last time!
by NateK July 11, 2005
A nickname for someone who is really excited and jumps around; may have consumed an alcoholic beverage to get to that state.

short for hummingbird.
Usually she's quiet, but on friday nights Ellen turns into hummer!
by DTM February 28, 2005
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