uhm, head

hummer girls by hmo.. duh
fat chicks give great hummers
by j n k July 10, 2008
a hummer is not just a fucking blowjob its more when the lady hums thus vibrating her fucking lips or making a wee tune and gives you a chewie while humming thus making a vibrating stimulating feeling to the gooliesack fuck me that is a hummer another definition is humjob look at humjob as well
fuck me me and my GF went to a restraunt she brung her fucking mp3 player and she fancied a oral quickie under the fucking table she was listining to the annoying cunt crazy frog so she lobbed my dick out my crotch hole and giving me a hummer in-fucking-fact every time i wank it does the crazy frog tune i fucking love hummers even cars of the fuckers too
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
Great Blowjob!
Meghann gave Mike a "hummer" after kicking his ass in pool.
by Hummers R Us March 26, 2003
slang for huh.

Used instead of huh.OKAY!

gosh this thing is making me write at least twenty words thats why im blabbin on about this damn word.
Say when your friends blabs on and on and you really didnt catch what the hell they were talkin about.

You respond with "Hummer"?
by Crystal[YUH] August 15, 2007
yet another slang term for oral sex
Howerd stern just gave that guy a hummer on national TV!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
A pointless ass machine usually found in pointless ass wars by a dumb ass president who thought that a war in Iraq would be a good ass idea.

Often believed to get 4-10 MPG.

An Annoying ass machine that takes up half the road, uses way too much oil and spits out more fumes than aunt Helga with a cigar.
- Damnit!
- What?
-we just got behind one of those dumb ass hummers again! Damnit!
-I can't pass it because half the road is being used up. DAMNIT!
- I'm suffocating on the fumes its giving out. DAMNIT!!!!
-We can't stop for gas because it's not 100 dollars a barrel and means that I'll have to pay 4 dollars per gallon of gas! DAMNIT ALL!

by Shaka brah March 24, 2008
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