Huge Unnecessary Machine Misusing Everyone’s Resources
What a Huge Unnecessary Machine Misusing Everyone’s Resources (HUMMER)!
by dianneyunkeraz August 14, 2008
n. - slang for a musician or aspiring composer lacking classical training. you might call it a come from behind, cinderella story, or you could say it's a joke.
danny elfman

"life's a bummer, when you're a hummer" -Hummer, Smashing Pumpkins
by b. simpson May 24, 2007
A blow job that incorporates humming, moaning or any other type of noise that creates slight vibrations in the throat heightening the entire experience for the suck-ee.
Sheila's hummers make me cry.
by lick a lotta spokes February 01, 2005
When a girl goes down on a guy and makes his willy want to cry while mumming.
Angel gives GREAT hummer, not your mom.
by Duckiee June 26, 2006
Oh look, a Hummer. As you can see, the average Hummer drivers attire includes but is not limited to: Flatbill cap(typically worn backwards at an angle), aviators or some sort of sunglasses, TAPOUT shirt, and board shorts. Watch as he flaunts his wallet, and plastic girlfriend.
Look at that toolbag getting out of his hummer. Im not sure what costs more; The girl he's with, or the gas.
by Rocket1771 September 02, 2010
More than a blowjob; it's when a girl, or guy (men are capable of doing this too!) actually hums (thus vibrating her lips) when her mouth has encased your engorged penis or balls.
your mom gives great hummers.
by helen May 06, 2005
When I put your cock as far back in my mouth as it will go, and then hum the tune of the star spangled banner, or any other long song that has a good beat to hum to. i.e.: andy griffin theme, jeapordy theme, etc etc
I gave John one helluva hummer after we snorted that 8-ball last night.
by DiXiE March 04, 2004

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