Besides being a really strange looking huge flat topped car used i nthe military and by some people trying to look really cool when actually looking really dorky... it is a blow job.
Katie wanted to give Joey a Hummer but he said they shouldn't because they are related.
by Dudette May 24, 2004
When a girl tosses off a man while at the same time sucking his balls and humming causing vibrations giving mass pleasure.
"Yesterday my girlfriend gave me a hummer."
by Doc December 12, 2002
1. Even better than a blowjob, it's when the person actually hums/vibrates their lips while their mouth is around your cock.
2. One of the least fuel efficient vehicles on the Earth.
I rode home in a Hummer while recieving a hummer.
by Cum grenade August 21, 2010
A hilarious name for oral sex. Often used as a joke, when people think the Hummer H series vehicles.
Son: Daddy, I want a hummer for christmas.

Dad: (laughing) Me too, son. Me too.
by Armthehobos September 12, 2007
blowjobs, gobbies, headjobs, pretty much the act of sucking anothers penis
Hummers and a chicken feed, all in one.
by Chode 2551 August 27, 2009
An extremely oversized American SUV designed under General Motors that has approximately 1.2 - 3.0 miles to the gallon and can be seen mounted on HUGE 22'' - 52'' inch rims with at least 15 spot lights on the roof typically driven by a skinny white bitch!!!
Hey Fabian, Hey John, I drove my Hummer to pick up my kids from school this afternoon and I ended up hitting 59 parked cars, filling her up with $189.92 in DISEL GAS and running over 10 ducks by Century Village...not to mention I scared about 85, 85 year-olds!!!!
by iPhoneFR3AK September 23, 2008
What a man buys when he wishes to announce to the world that he has a small penis.

Also, it's the ugliest vehicle ever manufactured outside of Soviet Russia.
You drive a Hummer? Don't you think you're compensating for something?
by George McBob September 30, 2009
A blow job that incorporates humming, moaning or any other type of noise that creates slight vibrations in the throat heightening the entire experience for the suck-ee.
Sheila's hummers make me cry.
by lick a lotta spokes February 01, 2005

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