Besides being a really strange looking huge flat topped car used i nthe military and by some people trying to look really cool when actually looking really dorky... it is a blow job.
Katie wanted to give Joey a Hummer but he said they shouldn't because they are related.
by Dudette May 24, 2004
See the vehicular definition of FUV.
My Hummer gets 0.5 mpg downhill and averages 2 complaints per owner (according to JD Power and Associates). w00t!
by Exocette January 19, 2004
1.Big gas guzzler 4x4 that was used to carry 8 or 10 military personnel but now americans buy them in order that they themselves will be able to fit inside given their enormous flab to body tissue ratio. Are used to state that the person is big (in more ways than one) and that they can afford to waste millions of $ on a vehicle that does about 1/4 of a mile per gallon.

2.Stupid overly-patriotic american blowjob in which the unfortunate female (or often male) to be subjected to the tedious and mundane task of first finding the man's tiny cock under the mass of flab then puts it in their mouth and sucks it whilst humming the star spangled banner, causing the tiny vibration in his or her lips to increase the pleasure induced by roughly 0.000000001%.
1. Oh, normal cars are so hard to get into - the amount of space you get is only 1 metre wide! I'll buy a hummer. And i'll add my kids in there to add more weight so it goes faster and is more fuel efficient.

2. How apt is this - the act of singing the American national anthem while sucking a fat man's cock and making him ejaculate all over your face. God bless America.
by snack88 August 04, 2005
1. A company by General Motors, known for the H2. It's also a gas guzzler
2. A blowjob when the girl hums on your penis
Cara: Hi Jordan! What's up!
Jordan: Nothing much. What about you?
Cara: Oh nothing, I just got a brand new Hummer H2.
Jordan: Oh, cool. You know, that thing is a gas guzzler, so, to pay for gas, you're gonna have to give Hummers to guys for money.
Cara: Ummmm... ok... so-
Jordan: Here's 20 dollars. Now give me a Hummer.
by Jordan Stevens May 23, 2007
A spasticated, wannabe, faggotmobile civilian copycat military vehicle.
''Damn lad, what the fuck you doing in that? Where'dya nick it? The RAF base? You fuckin pussy!''
by rafa May 06, 2003
A Titanium Mountain Bicyle.
Normally owned by persons with excessive amounts of cash who cannot ride!
by Anonymous June 19, 2003
Something which is said to be a piece of shit or garbage, from the sound of flies humming around shit, offal or garbage - mostly British colloquialism.
I tried that new operating system for a few weeks but it's a real hummer.

It looks OK on the outside but it's just another hummer.
by Hank Zeitgeist August 05, 2007
1) An extremely large vehicle once intended solely for heavy-duty amphibious use by military personnel, now common in civilian transportation.

2) An act of fellatio in which the woman hums while performing.
My foot was crushed to pieces when the Hummer backed over it.

I received a hummer last night and reached climax rather quickly.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004

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