Besides being a really strange looking huge flat topped car used i nthe military and by some people trying to look really cool when actually looking really dorky... it is a blow job.
Katie wanted to give Joey a Hummer but he said they shouldn't because they are related.
by Dudette May 24, 2004
A truck that is between a tonka toy and a great big fucking tank!
Drive on and you will know, just dont run over any civilians!
by Maxamillion September 22, 2004
1.The act of a giving a male a blowjob.
2.A type of SUV
Carol gave a hummer to Max for a Hummer.
by William Chan October 22, 2003
The best hardtail bike ever made.
Hold on love I can't do it now I'm taking the Hummer out for a hardcore urban blast.
by Dobbo June 19, 2003
expensive vehicle
by Dawn September 12, 2002
A large, expensive, and very cool vehichle produced by the General Motors company.
I once saw the Mountain Dew hummer live and in person!
by m2pt5 January 24, 2003
an extrememly pimped out ride such as the H3, H2 and H1.. a hummer is not a sexual term, perverts.
The H2 version of the motor vehicle, the Hummer, costs alot.
by sidda rajo January 12, 2006
The best car in the world; cna turn any car into into a speed bump, except excursions.
Hey, will ya' look at that, I have a neon convertable stuck in my hummer's tire!
by Jiub May 24, 2003

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