A vehicle that every middle and low class joe likes to complain about. Many criticize the Hummer for it's bad gas mileage, and by owning a Hummer you suddenly become a "problem" for the United States. While the Hummer may only get 10-12 miles to the gallon, MANY other cars get the EXACT SAME THING - It's just the idea that it's a Hummer.

While many complain about the Hummer itself, many complain about the driver. They have a small penis, are insecure, ect. Uhhhh... It all comes down to this: You people have nothing better to complain about, are jealous because you can't afford one, and you make the GAYEST complaints.

Don't like hummers? Here's a little info for you:
Most factories put more metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air in one day then one hummer will the WHOLE year.

I can list a bunch of other cars that get the EXACT SAME GAS MILEAGE.

But as stated above, it all comes down to JEALOSY. You can't afford one - and that's why you hate it.
Anti-Hummer People OWNAGE:
Anti-Hummer Person: You have a microscopic penis!
Me: Really? I can't imagine the size of yours: driving around in your little sissy economy car! Please...

Anti-Hummer Person: Hummer drivers are insecure and stuck up rich people!
Me: No, I'm not insecure, I just have more money then you! And when I get in a car accident with you, I always win!

Anti-Hummer Person: YOU'RE causing global warming!
Me: OPEN YOUR EYES! You want something to complain about? Have factories put less CO2 into the air, they can put A LOT MORE into the air then a Hummer can in a year. And what about busses, semi-trucks, and RVs? You'd be LUCKY to get 8 miles to the gallon in one of those!
by EconomyCarsAreForPussies November 28, 2007
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More than a blowjob; it's when a girl actually hums (thus vibrating her lips) when her mouth has encased your engorged penis or balls.
Your mom gives great hummers.
by John E. November 12, 2002
1. A civilan version of the military vechicle Humvee. Hummer's are produce by the General Motors Company. Currently there are two version's H2 and H1.
2. A Blowjob when the girl hums during the BJ
I got a hummer in my Hummer the other day.
by RobT September 20, 2003
n. what you and all the other soccer moms will have to start doing to pay the gas bill for your ginormous SUV. Pucker up, beeyotch.
by miss_mae September 12, 2003
A blow job which incorporates a gentle humming while performing the duty to increase stimulation.
My husband asked me to give his boss a hummer to thank him for giving him a promotion.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
A dick magnifying four ton metal phallic symbol.
"Rick just bought that big hummer. Rumor has it he has a micro-penis."
by king of graphics January 12, 2007
No, not the SUV, an extremely pleasureable type of oral sex which involves the female humming to create a vibrating sensation in the penis during oral sex.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
A hazard to the road that puts the drivers of smaller vehicles at serious risk in case of an accident with one of these monsters. Seriously folks, I drive a 96' 2 door Pontiac GrandAm. What the hell do you think would happen if I got in a wreck with a Hummer!? Gets about 9-12 miles per gallon, and big rich men with sunglasses talking on a cell phone can be frequently seen driving them. Occasionally you will see the top of a woman's head over peering over the dashboard and two skinny arms reaching up to the wheel.
Hummer, the car that says: "I have a small penis."
by AFHorses August 14, 2005

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