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1. A blowjob given while humming.
by cakes June 11, 2003
78 27
the practice of your partner,taking the whole of your scrotum,in the mouth and humming.(yes humming)..thus sensation is overwhelming,and climax occurs almost immediately.
come on luv,suck me balls,we,ve done everything else,and we,ve only been married 6 months.
by yosean March 30, 2003
222 89
vegitarian oral sex

i.e. no meat but two veg

this involves your "friend" placing the sack in their mouth and making a humming sound

this is extremely pleasurable
"i want to suck ur scrotum"

"why,ok thats called a hum job"
by Rossgrebe March 15, 2007
82 37
a blow job and its fun
sally liked to give 30 dollar hum jobs
by nottellin April 01, 2005
37 110