A County located up in Northern California known for marijuana and meth addicts. Anybody with a brain leaves this place and never comes back. The people who stay or return are usually white trash and/or hicks who realize their backwards thinking won't cut it in the modern society and hence they have to return to Humboldt County to smoke some weed or tweak on meth to forget that they are losers.
Golly gee I drove past the Redwood curtain and saw so many people in the big city I shitted on myself and immediately came back to Humboldt to get high on weed and meth.
by Mac High Alumni December 29, 2009
A place on IRC o hang out and discuss all things Humboldt related etc. Talk to people from Humboldt. Come one come all to IRC #Humboldt on the UNDERNET.
I hang out in #humboldt on Undernet.
by Thomas C Chong January 14, 2008
a wonderful, but tiny, town in iowa. also humboldt county iowa.
welcome to humboldt iowa
population: 7,000
by leah April 11, 2005
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