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the act of humming whilst simultaneously sucking on testicles,its an ideal accompiniment to a gobble.try humming theme tunes like superman,batman,star trek and the star wars trilogy.
its a very difficult act and if you can find a girl(or guy if youre that way inclined) who is able to do it without laughing youve rolled a double six
aka hum-job,hummer
"wee shug was roon earlier and says he got a humbaw aff cassie last night"
by weesacs February 03, 2008
1) to perform fellatio in a manner that hum's on the recipient's scrotum, or 'bawbag'. Scottish in origin, particularly in glasgow.
2) endearing moniker for ginger haired friends. Usually used for the closest of friends as addressing strangers can result in physical violence.
"geez a humbaw doll"

Bob :"awright humbaw?"
Gibby: "aye, no bad".
by Bob Heaney September 24, 2008

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