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a person, male or female, who is so good at pleasuring his or her partner that they no longer require a dildo or vibrator to pleasure themselves.
Often a borderline nymphomaniac, the human dildo is an exceptional and sought-after lover.
A good human dildo is just happy to be there, selfless, patient, and thorough in his or her ministrations. Usually produces multiple orgasms.
Girl: "oh WOW! Remember that geeky guy I went out with last night? Well, I wasn't really into him until we started fooling around and he ate me out while finger fucking me at the same time! I have never been so turned on in my life, he knew all my pleasure buttons and wouldn't rush things, even when I was begging him for more! Then, he found my G-spot. Oh. My. God. I lost count after the first 20 orgasms! I could barely walk this morning!"

Friend: "LUCKY! You found a human dildo! Keep that one!
by Aphrodisia February 19, 2008
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