While deployed to Afghanistan and bored one day, a fellow service member and myself were arguing about whether there was ever a female Hulk. I argued there was not, he argued there was "in the comic book". Since I'm not gay and never read comic books, he had me in check. So I changed subjects and was talking about how jacked in the gym I had gotten while deployed and I made the statement (What came to mind next was triggered by our earlier Hulk conversation) "When I get back home on vacation, I'm going to....Hulk Fuck the shit out of some chick."
Dude, I'm so fucking built up lately, next bitch I land, I'm gonna' Hulk Fuck the shit out of her.
by Crush-it July 05, 2010
Top Definition
(v.) To lay pipe in extraordinary fashion.
To bang a slute like you mean it.
Jon called up a girl he hasn't seen in 2 months, and hulkfucked her, twice.
by Bennett October 24, 2004
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