a chuancy whos body doesn't fit his head, and has huge rage problems.
that hulk has soiled himself
by beastman September 25, 2003
A giant boner
Tom just got a giant Hulk so big it ripped off his pants.
by dickhead June 16, 2003
When fucking your partner in a rough way and the bug vein in the penis is very large.
"I was fucking Jan so hard with my hulk
that she squirt 5 feet"
usally decribed as a green animal usally found smoking on green plants (cannibus) while louched at a desk pwning at war3
Fuck me no wonder why i lost i was playing a Hulk
by Bob January 25, 2003
The green ass-kicker of Vegeta.
Hulk kicked Vegeta in the ball Z so hard they flew out of his eyes.
by Black Shy Guy August 08, 2003
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