An alcoholic beverage made up of Sunny D and UV Blue. Turns green like the Hulk when mixed and has enough sugar to produce a massively strong hang over.
Dude, you drinking hulk?
by SAE OU December 16, 2009
When a geek (normally a white guy) turns out to be a complete head case and kicks in several people threatening its existence. can result in the throwing af large objects such as chairs and computers screens. the "hulk" normally comes under effect when nerd is surrounded as a last survival instict (nerd does not have to actually become green or built)
"did you hear about Norbert? he went totally hulk on six chavs"
"Holy shit! its a fucking hulk!ARGHHHH (as head gets smashed in by keyboard)"
by dimsum May 16, 2005
A super powered enraged, angry ass, bitch slapping, raging person who does what ever he or she wants in a really rude, dangerous, or chaotic.
*girl smashes chair, screams, and jumps around banging objects together*

Girl, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!"

Guys whisper, "She is a hulk, lets get out of her before we get killed!"
by Azax January 27, 2013
v. to hulk someone is to crush what ever the other person is holding and kick them in the chin really hard like Hulk did to Cable in the Onslaught series
Man she's so annoying i'm bout to Hulk that bitch
by urmomlover July 28, 2008
A drink made by mixing "Blue WKD" and A pint of "Stella"
hey bar tender, get me a hulk
by Phatso September 18, 2004
The baby gravy that comes out of the males bratwurst after a good ol' pounding.
Close your eyes baby, I'm about to Hulk!!
by Eane9854 August 08, 2009
that green real bomb shit u drink when u smokin some bomb.
man kellisha when is u gonna go to the store and go get that hulk.Oh and find the weedman for that bomb

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