Hulk-like, as in size or smashing power.
I finished the code two weeks ago but now my boss wants me to write hulk documentation.
by drgold August 15, 2006
When someone is refused sex and they have gonorrhea they rub all the discharge from the gonorrhea on their partners face when they are sleeping. When they wake up their face will be green like the hulk and they'll be angry.
she wouldn't have sex so i hulked that bitch
by fumin93 March 28, 2008
a calm kid who quickly becomes irate and violent when provoked by insults and/or challenges to a fight.
my brother Patrick who resides in Jacksonville, Florida.
by Daniel McCloud March 21, 2005
The object of lust for so many women, because he grows "bigger" when he is pissed off.
Jane experienced ultimate pleasure when Dr Banner transformed into the Hulk while fucking her.
by Captain Marvel August 25, 2003
The green guy who's all of his clothes rip off, except his pants, which turn purple, no matter what color they were before.

an ok rollercoaster
I don't want to turn into the hulk again!

I threw up on the hulk
by Jiub May 24, 2003
The coolest goon of them all.
Hulk is a goon.
by Lamergoon February 16, 2004
in other words, a big chumsy, usually bashes through walls and throws ladders at peoples faces... has major rage problems, gets very angry when you take his most precious foods (anything eatable.
Wow, daniel is a definate hulk, look at him bashing through the walls of that buffet.
by AklazarGIVESblastcocks September 26, 2003

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