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Half Julia, half hula-hoop.
Generally yelled or screamed during or after a moment of discontent.
As the man realized the end of his time on earth was quickly drawing near, with his last ounce of strength he screamed the word "HULIA!!! :@"

Often yelled under these circumstances:
- you fail a test
- you urinate in your bed
- you break a glass
- you yell and all your windows shatter
- your mother is obese
- you forget to yell "Theresa!" after you exit the McDonald's by Zellers
by Hulia Hoop February 24, 2008
see 'perfect in every single way'
Hulia is perfect

I love Hulia
by Chrisiepoops June 20, 2004
the only person i really love. the love of my life. the person who, when i have my hard and dark times, brings me out of them. the woman i'm going to marry and have children with. the woman i love. the only cute little girl whos face brightens my day ever single time i see it. the only person in the world i'd accept a singing hampster from, and put it on my dresser for all to hear as it sings "when the mooon hits your eyes, like a big pizza pie..." w/ that cute italian accent. the only person PERIOD i will ever say "hehe" to. the ONLY face i wanna wake up to every morning before work. the future mother of our children and my future wife. and might i add, a DROP DEAD georgeous girl in person! i love you julia, i always will babe. you're the only one in this big world for me, that'll never change babe.
i love you juju!

julia is the most beautiful person in the world

julia is the hottest girl in the world

i love you so much juju

i wanna spend the rest of my life with you!

i love you babe,

by Chrisiepoops March 16, 2004
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