Polish (and it likely appears in other slavic languages as a) word for "penis". It can be used to describe a person as well.
When yelled as an insult at a woman
"Huj czi w dupe, kurwo!"
"Stick a dick in your ass, bitch!"

When used as an insult towards a man
"Ale z ciebie glupi huj!"
"Well aren't you a dumb fucking cunt?"

When used to show your lack of understanding/when you cant care to explain to your wife what she/you did with her car keys
"gdzie sa klucze do mojego alta?"
"A huj wie, odczep sie pizdo"

"Where are my car keys?"
"Who the fuck knows, piss off you cunt"
by Boj Sie Mullet-a April 13, 2009
Top Definition
'huj' is a trace string that Russian programmers use instead of 'foo', 'bar' and 'test'. A long time ago a simmilarly pronounced russian word was used to label the widely used differential sign of men.
CPP: cout << 'huj';
JS: alert ( 'huj' );
PHP: echo 'huj';
by Hujator October 14, 2003
It's a russian meaning of a dick!
It's a very popular phrase in Russia when somebody wants to offend someone.
Often takes place in such phrase as "Poshel ti na huj". Which means "Fuck you","Go to hell".
>Poshel ti na huj, suka!
>Fuck you, bitch!
by Mishutkin March 06, 2005
Polish for penis,dick. It's very offensive.
Ale z ciebie huj.
You are a dick.
by cwaniak August 24, 2004
A word sometimes miss pronounced by little kids when they try to say the word "hug" Instead of saying it with a hard G as in good, they say it with a soft G as in the second G in garaGe.
"I want to huj this penguin so bad"
by blkhockeypro19 July 13, 2008
Russian for penis, õóé in Cyrillic writing. Also transliterated huy, khuy, xuy etc.
Îíà ìîé õóé õîòèò. (She wants my cock.)
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
The Bulgarian vulgar form for Penis. Dick.
In cyrillic: &#1093;&#1091;&#1081;
&#1058;&#1080; &#1089;&#1080; &#1093;&#1091;&#1081;.
Ti si huj.
You are dick.
by Johnathan Chronistar November 22, 2007
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