The vessel for someone to become heh.
Are you heh? Yes i've had enough huh to be heh.
by babyboo03 April 20, 2010
If used by a southerner can mean 'here' as in here take this when giving someone something. Usually used to signify that you want to give someone something
Nji: yo can you pass me the remote?
Halima: huh *passes the remote*
by Haleelee November 09, 2009
can be used as a term for being gay
or also used to descirbe someone who you cannot tell is gay or not
"The two guys in that seabring convertible seem a little 'huh' to me"
by goodgirl17 June 08, 2009
The bone chilling battle shout made by pretty much every human male upon aggro in the game World of Warcraft . Also repeated multiple times during combat.
i was just wandering through westfall on my lvl 10 hunter when i heard HUH HUH HUHUH HUH HUH HUH behind me. Next thing i knew i was dead.
by godmodeadin April 29, 2009
Huh is an expression in which first person(speaker) asks for the agreement of second person(listener); particularly when the listener seems to be a little bit confused.
He: Lets go for a movie today..
She: I have some pending assignments :(
He: ohh, but you can do them at night..
He: huh!
She: Ok, lets go for matinee show :)
by Anugrah December 25, 2007
We use "huh" when we want transform sentence to question. "Huh?"="Am I not?" or "Do you comprehend me?" etc
I'm really reliable person, huh?

Don't let me looking on your fucking face, huh?
by Ratata December 06, 2007
hUh definition for(what did you say)
2(thats not right)
3(your on stpid person)
dan said your stupid
mike told him (HUH)!
by mike March 15, 2005

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