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1. Often used when surprised by or in disbelief of something.

2. Also used when you didn't hear what somebody said. Or

3. When you don't understand what the person said but you heard them clearly.

4. And also used when you just want to mess around with somebody by pretending that you didn't hear them. :D
1. David: Hey Mike, look what I got on my test!

Mike: *looks at the test* Huh! No way! Never thought you'd be smart enough to get a C on a test.

2. Charlie: Hey Meg, did you happen to see my cellphone anywhere?

Meg: Huh? What'd you say? I didn't hear you.

3. Mr. White: So, 9th graders, as you can see, 1 plus 1 equals 2.

Timmy: Huh? Can you show us again how to get that answer, I don't understand.

4. Julia: Omg, I am so mad at my friend. She said she was going to come to my party but she never showed up and this isn't the first time she hasn't come.

Alfredo: *pretends to not of heard her* Huh?

Julia: I said my friend didn't come to my party, and this isn't the first time she's done that. She never comes to my parties anymore!

Alfredo: Huh??

Julia: I said my friend is an ass.

Alfredo: Huh????

Julia: You need to clean your ears.

Alfredo: Huh????????

Julia: I know you heard me! You're a fucken asshole!

Alfredo: Huh???????????????
by Huhhy November 02, 2010

Tutor: So, did you understand at least some of the stuff that I taught you?

Andrew: Huh?

Tutor: *looks back at the clock* Andrew, I just spent the last 20 minutes explaining basic arithmetic in Layman's terms... I really don't understand how you're not able to get this stuff into your head. Try to review the equations in your head: picture it, take your time and understa--

Andrew: What?

Tutor: *pause* Ok. Andrew, listen, I'm going to try a new teaching--hey, are you listening? Look here; look at me. it's actually pretty easy when you think about it, see--

Andrew: ...

Tutor: --so when you subtract 4 from both sides... Focus! Are you listening? You should AT LEAST be getting the gist of it, Andrew.

Andrew: Huh??

Tutor: *in deep contemplation* Alright, lets say Browning made a new mag for the m1911. If you fired 4 shots, and 2 are left in the mag, how many rounds did the mag have to begin with?

Andrew: 6

Tutor: What if that 1911 was a gbb?

Andrew: What?
The word most used by Jeni and Stasha while in pharmacy school classes.
"Bioavailability is the a measure of the rate and extent of drug absorption."

by PinkPills December 14, 2008
the common answer to any question asked by mike campanga
yo mike wanna hang out tonight?

by AL ORT August 24, 2008
one of the the annoying ass sounds that rick ross makes in every song hes in.
im burnin purple flowers, its burnin my chest, huh! boss! rozay
by ihaterickross January 03, 2012
Agreeing; going along with.
Lets go get some food! Huh that sounds like a good idea.
by Storm stripper August 29, 2011
The vessel for someone to become heh.
Are you heh? Yes i've had enough huh to be heh.
by babyboo03 April 20, 2010
The bone chilling battle shout made by pretty much every human male upon aggro in the game World of Warcraft . Also repeated multiple times during combat.
i was just wandering through westfall on my lvl 10 hunter when i heard HUH HUH HUHUH HUH HUH HUH behind me. Next thing i knew i was dead.
by godmodeadin April 29, 2009