A far left-winged socialist who is also the President of Venezuela. He would have made a fine president if he didn't become friends with Iran and North Korea, simply for the sake of pissing off the US. It can be understood why he dislikes the US, but he doesn't have to be stupid.
The US hates Hugo Chavez, but not too much because a lot of their oil comes from Venezuela.
by www.afterthought.cjb.cc September 16, 2006
Top Definition
Half human, half gorilla and a complete dumbass attention whore. And a country actually chose him to lead them...
- Look, there's an Hugo Chavez!
- Remember, don't feed him, don't look at his eyes, and by all means, walk slowly.
by The Complete Truth December 28, 2007
Lard-ass president of Venezuela, constantly seeking attention by spouting anti-American rhetoric to any media outlet that will listen. Has allied himself with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and pretty much every other anti-American/socialist/fascist leader in the world. Currently adored by leftists for his anti-Bush stances and for leading a so-called Latino "Revolution" against American "imperialism", despite the fact that 80% of Venezuelans currently live below the poverty line.
Hugo Chavez getting applauded at the U.N. for calling Bush "the devil" eight times just shows how decadent the U.N. has become.

Viva Chavez? Pfft.

Hugo Chavez owning Citgo is just one more reason to drill Alaska.
by S. E. H. October 06, 2006
the president of venezuela, he is long time lover of cuba's comunist president Fidel Castro. Hugo Chavez is a dum ass communist dictator like Mumar Ghadafi,Fidel castro,Kim Jong Il,Hu jintao,Hadaki togo,Adolf Hitler, Fransisco franco,Robert Magabe to name a few. He is ugly an resembles a fat Tapir in a suit.
Hugo chavez and Fidel Castro take turns sucking on eachother's pingas
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
A fair minded determined leader who pissed off the Bush administration by
1.Getting elected by the people without rigging it
2.putting issues of poverty and education high on agenda
3.Having a national resource(oil)
Who does Hugo Chavez think he is?Using money from petroleum to combat poverty and build schools instead of handing it over to the U.S.?hOW DARE HE!!!!!!
by greenben101 January 30, 2010
Hugo Chavez is a charismatic, strong-willed and courageous political reformer who, as President of Venezuela, has probably done more to fight corporate corruption, promote socialism and unite Latin America against its traditional enemy, the United States, than any other living person.
Wouldn't it be great if Hugo Chavez would turn his guns on George W. Bush's friend and benefactor, software terrorist Bill Gates, inspiring some blowback in the form of a Latin American Microsoft boycott that could spread around the world?
by David Blomstrom April 18, 2008
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