da very tasty older guy who plays wolverine in x-men and x-men 2. he also plays sum fit computer hacker dude in the fantastic film, swordfish.
hugh u so fine in that spandex suit.
i think u nearly munchier than shawn ashmore who plays bobby(ice man) in x-men 2.
by angelina balerina December 05, 2003
Hugh Jackman played Wolverine.
by hughjackson January 10, 2013
n. the embodiment of male perfection.

His credits include X-Men, Australia, The Prestige ... Screw this, who am I kidding? We all watch his movies because he is hunky as hell.
A: Have you seen Hugh Jackman's latest movie?
B: Yeah. But I have no idea what it was about. I kept staring at his abs.
by beingboredsucks January 12, 2012
What every man should be like.

He has an uncontrollable talent to make women have lascivious, lewd, salacious, prurient thoughts.

he is also a rather sensuous actor.
"Oh my, did you see Hugh Jackman in that film the other night?"

"What film?"

"I cant remember the name or what happened but he was shirtless and he is all i went to bed thinking about!"
by HugeJackman May 12, 2012
pop culture reference; of or relating to something very large; a spoof of "huge ass".
Tool1: Hey man look at that Hugh Jackman chick over there!

Tool2: Haha yea, someone needs to lay off the curly fries!
by Shanelskies February 14, 2009
The epitome of metrosexual.
Hugh Jackman can do a mean high kick.
by liz.topaz July 09, 2005

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