A person who has the appearance of a paedophile.
Fuck look at that Hugh... Quickly put little Jonathon back in the car before he tries to fuck him
by sluttybojangols August 05, 2012
Usually ill tempered, old in mind but not in body... small in body. A salty person, also known for tightness financially.
I tried to borrow money for my friend to pay for the bus to see my dying mother, but he was being a Hugh
by godsquad!!!!!!!1111111 April 27, 2011
whipping boy
katie stop spanking hugh!
by PimpLaw November 23, 2010
Hugh is the definition of shit.
Piece of Hugh!
by his_girlfriends_sister February 19, 2011
Retarded. Socially chalenged. Gay. Freak. Monster
Hugh you retarded motherfucker
by nigganigganigganiggablack January 28, 2011
1337 hax way of saying huge and it looks funiar
He has hugh amounts of hair.
by Tom Sandler October 01, 2003
A person suffering from an immensely damaging state of retardation and sheer stupidity. Some symptoms include: screaming at computers, attempting to ALT+F4 a head of lettuce, mindless defragmentation of computers.
Shut the fuck up Hugh.
by omgwtfbbq April 17, 2004

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