the best boy you will ever meet, they can steel your heart away at first sight and although they dont feel like boyfriend material, give them the chance and they will prove you wrong, they know exactly how to treat a girl and are the sweetest most kind caring and adorable people ever. every girl deserves somebody like this, the emotion between someone and a hugh is emotional and they are just an all round guy... hugh i willing to take chances and will do anything for any good person.... they might as well be called perfect! if a girl is lucky to find a hugh they should never let go
girl 1: i like hugh but hes not my type
girl 2: you barely know him give him a chance
*months later*

girl 1: omg hes totally boyfriend material cant believe i was wrong
girl 2: use are perfect together
*text if hugh to girl 1*

i wish i never had to leave your arms because that were i belong, with you
by hughlover August 27, 2013
A Hugh is a person who's penis is over eight inches. This type of person would normally be tall because of the large testosterone levels in their body. because of such high levels they are able to be very tall ,fit and grow a penis that is over eight inches.
god Hugh i love your nine inch penis.
by asd111 January 24, 2011
Hugh, a friendly and charismatic male, who is usually a pleasure to be around, though has there moments.

A Hugh might have times where he is unhappy and assaults his friends, though also has his moments where he is as happy as Larry.

Hugh is also very protective, and will always back his mates up, he is always very lost and wonders, so be sure to keep your eye on him.

A Hugh is very aggressive.

A Hugh may also be uncertain on things, and wont let you have your word in and explain the situation, therefore, he doubts what you say and believes he is always right, he will be willing to give you a second chance, when he finds out the truth, but will still believe he is right, even after all evidence is proven.

A Hugh loves to party, though not as hard as the people around him, he is very observant and is always willing to try new things.

Hugh is one to hold grudges even over the littlest thing in life, though that's why we love him.
Marcus: "Hugh, could I have a chip?"
Hugh: "Yeh sure."

Hugh hands Marcus a chip... followed by Hugh punching Marcus

Marcus: "What was that for?"
Hugh: "I dunno!"

John sees Hugh coming in the distance, Hugh then assaults John and walks off.
by onefiftha October 17, 2011
The art of taking one's food at lunch
Example: My fries have just been Hughed
by Sgroman May 07, 2016
An obscure homosapien who appears in the back of all family and wedding photographs, no matter what the year may be.
Often considered to be a walking love shack who whines and criticizes the singing process. Generally, a well-liked asshole with spritely blond hair.
Person #1: "Who's that talkative asshole in the back of your grandmother's 1935 thanksgiving photograph?"

Person #2: "Oh, that's just Hugh!"
by Niky O'Boy October 19, 2013
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