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the name commonly referred to the kind gentleman who was present at Moe's Tavern whilst Bart Simpson coincidentally made a phone call there asking for "hugh, last name jazz?" when said out loud and unknowingly the name Hugh Jazz sounds very similar to the phrase "huge ass"
C-Bear and Jamaal-"damn homeboy, that broad has a huge ass!"
(a business man calmly strolls by a stops upon hearing "huge ass")
Man- "Yes, I'm Hugh Jazz, how did you know my name?"

at which point the situation at hand is so funny you cannot help but laugh
by ((___CRAYON___))> October 22, 2008
The joke name people use, trying to make it sound like 'huge ass'.
*Pointing to ghetto booty* "Look, it's Hugh Jazz!"
by deetinator October 08, 2008
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