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To hug and cuddle at the same time. I like to do this to girls I like. ^-^
"I like to huggle this one cute girl at my school. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ "
by Dave March 21, 2004
Hugs for ugly people, particularly for tall bald school teachers.
-What up, g, go give that sad-ass mo-ron some huggles.
-Hell, no, he look like he got smacked with the ugly stick!
by Crunkmeister February 06, 2009
A warm hug/cuddle under the jumper of another person. One person envelopes the other under their clothing and gives them a warm hug.
John gave Jane a warm huggle under his jumper.
by bluebec March 13, 2006
to become absurdly intoxicated and vomit in another person's hands
I can't believe Zach huggled Brooke.
by KChodes April 06, 2008
1) A "cute" roleplay action performed online to friends or anything cute

2) A substitute for periods and/or exclamation points, used by the same people who use netspeak
1) *huggles the fuzzy bear*

2) omg i gtg byebye huggles
by Cassidy Peterson January 20, 2004
Tackling some one to the ground, then hugging them.
Huggles j00.
I huggled my friend.
by >.>? September 18, 2003
A gay term employed by Internet chatters to express affection upon receipt of a minor compliment such as "u r sooo funnie" or the like directed to persons they have never met in an attempt to quiet the loudening monster of self hatred within that tells them they will never have true, valuable friends or see the genatalia of a member of the opposite sex.
Thx 4 paying attention 2 me - I'm gonna huggle ur brains out!
by Brian Alexander December 07, 2004