Huggle n.: a smaller and cuter hug
Aw, your new haircut is so fuzzy! I need to give you a huggle.

1: I want oreos now. Grr. I hate you.
2: *huggle*
by Maianess April 03, 2007
another way of saying "Hug".
Girl 1:come over here and give me huggles!
by Not DaVe August 28, 2006
A cross between a snuggle and a hug. Used during movies and sitting with mate.
We huggled during the movie.
by Andy Arenaz January 05, 2004
To cuddle and hug in the same at the session OR at the same time.
My girlfriend and I huggles before having sex.

**Huggles the 1337ness**
by Huggler February 13, 2003
(n.) The act of huggling. (v.) To show affection or <3; to hug
<Surge> !huggle
* Chanserv huggles Surge.
by BGHSurge February 08, 2003
a group hug, hug and huddle combined
Dude: That was a great team building exercise.

Other Dude: Yeah, I especially loved the huggle at the end.
by pleffman99 May 26, 2009
it combines wiggling

and hugging

wiggling, which is a freeing act of self expression... See More

which is normally done on ones own

and hugging, which is more personal

and together-y

so it's like, the best of both worlds
I want to give you a hug and a wiggle, but how? I'll give you a huggle!
by thewiggleandhugger December 12, 2009

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