(verb) A cross between hug and cuddle. Lasts slightly longer than a hug and is good when comforting mildly upset people.
My boyfriend gave me a huggle, cuz he knew that I was in a bad mood.
by Adrianna Lazaro February 27, 2015
noun. 1. Hugs that are more like snuggling. see also, Huggling: verb. 2. To hug someone in a snuggling manner.
Come here and let me give you some huggles.
by thejohnnathan September 23, 2014
A hug given while snuggling at the same time.
Example 1

*Group of triends at a gathering*

Jack: Shit, I gotta go catch my flight.

Group of friends: Awww Jack's leaving?! Come on Jack~ blah blah blah

One friend: Alright, it's time for a group huggle! C'mere Jack!

Jack: *fuck*

Example 2

Man 1: What's the warmest place during winter for a pirate who loves women?

Man 2: Huggling a full chest!

Example 3

Lonely person 1: When I feel lonely at night I -


Lonely person 1: What? I was going to say I huggle my body pillow.

Lonely person 2: . . . Oh.
by Its funny girl! Nyan-ja~ July 17, 2014
A prolonged hug
It feels so good to huggle you while we sleep.
by red9889 August 03, 2011
verb. The act of sensual, physical embracing between two people usually starting with kissing, then leading to petting and making out, which ultimately results in variations of sexual intercourse followed by a single, sweet kiss afterwards.
Dhani and Josephina hadn't seen each other in quite some time, so upon seeing each other, they huggled.
by ShiningStar09082009 November 23, 2010
somewhere between a snuggle and a hug
huggle from darla on nemo
by i'll huggle youu July 26, 2008
A hug and a cuddle. It's a hug initiating a cuddle, with a tight squeeze leading into a passionate embrace.
Yo some grade nine and I huggled

Kellie and Marcus huggle
by McBuddeh March 22, 2009

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