Huggle (n) a wonderful action, one that is warm and comforting, but without the extreme familiarty of a hug or uncomfortable silence after pity sex.

Huggle (v) to perform a Huggle.
Elisa's painful divorce finally went through, and she was upset. Her friend gave her a huggle and reminded her that everything would be alright.
by Camerazn August 27, 2006
When you're SNUGGLING in a HUG! (it's really yummy)
Personally, I like to huggle with Andy while watching My Super Sweet 16 or Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.
by Jessa March 01, 2005
A prolonged hug
It feels so good to huggle you while we sleep.
by red9889 August 03, 2011
somewhere between a snuggle and a hug
huggle from darla on nemo
by i'll huggle youu July 26, 2008
A hug and a cuddle. It's a hug initiating a cuddle, with a tight squeeze leading into a passionate embrace.
Yo some grade nine and I huggled

Kellie and Marcus huggle
by McBuddeh March 22, 2009
not quite a hug nor cuddle, somewhere between both and is highly enjoyable to both partners especially with danielle

(definition was said to me by an ex)
Girl: *huggles* I love you!
Boy: *huggles back tightly*
by Dani-bean April 12, 2006
Huggle: Action.
Origin: Combination of Snuggle and Hug.

An intimate embrace with the duration shorter than a snuggle but just as comforting and longer than a hug but more heartfelt.
Mainly used in texts or IM conversations.

Ex 1:
Vilmarie: I didn't get John Mayer tickets! :(
EdwardCullen: aww, bendito! ::huggles::

Ex 2:
MissKhan: Genius- guess who's raise is paying for the road trip?!
WickettEwok: You're the bestest! ::huggles::
by LSinclair July 10, 2008

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