A fat useless guy, whose only goal in life is to have lots of gay sex.
This huggie bear, hit on me last night at the club. So I burned his house down.
by Michael Kevin June 29, 2007
Top Definition
see pimp; name used to identify good-looking males that get all the ladies
Rob is definately huggie bear material. The girls won't leave him alone
by rob December 06, 2004
an amazing friend of the opposite sex whos always there when times are hard and you need that extra shoulder, hand or ear... or just a real big hug!!!!
today sucks, im glad my huggie bears here to lift me up :-)
by mistiedawn July 15, 2011
to be all good, or alright, or to be thick gravy goodness
1:I'm so sorry i can't make it to the movies tonight with you

2: It's huggiebear. i don't mind.
by Witty Woodstock August 24, 2007
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