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Huffucked as a result of long term inhaling of solvents.Being huffucked is an unpleasant and some times long term state where the user starts to hear ringing in ones ears, seeing bright light when they shut their eyes, having mild hallucinations and having uncontrollable twitches as a result of brain damage. When the stages of being Huffucked start to set in the user is forced to give up using solvents because the once pleasant feeling of being high becomes one big bad trip.
Its also very hard for the user to get to sleep because they can see bright light and swirling colours when they shut their eyes leaving the TV on to try and get to sleep at night is common.
Charlie: Why is the corner of that guys lip twitching
Pete: He must be huffucked
Charlie: He must've been on the gas for years!
Pete: Yeh, bet now he wishes he never saw a can of Butane in his life
by pl0xxxx February 26, 2012
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