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The act of entering into a state of unintentionally provoked rage stemming from confused hypersensitivity to a given situation; an adult temper-tantrum; an over exagerated sense of self-importance resulting in irrational behavior; insubordinate self-destructive behavior intended to slight superiors but gravely back-fires resulting in punitive action. Note: the use of "hufford" is only to be attributed to male behavior.
During a small arms range in Iraq, an NCO becomes angry at one of the officers because he disagrees with the way she is administering the range, so he storms off the range, without permission, making an effort to be observed by the officer. The remaining Soldiers on the range talk amongst themselves: "Man, did you see that guy, what a little bitch!" "Yeah... he gets his panties in a wad all the time." "No shit, did he really just pull a hufford?" "Yeah man, the little queer just walked off the range." "Uh-Oh, he is in deep shit now!"
by Shawn Ward November 05, 2006
meaning a tree of great warriors. A family of fighters that constantly cause not only trouble but also great victories.

The trouble is for fun but the victories are a way of life.
The Huffords rock.
by nikkishay October 19, 2014
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