Not a diety, but still worshipped by many
All the Lewisites went to the temple...
by CS December 11, 2003
Top Definition
Don't need no credit card to ride this train
Back to the future
by Winnie The Shit November 13, 2003
see: God
"I went to a Huey Lewis concert, and it was heavenly."
by Craig Thompson July 02, 2003
A complete douche. Everyones worst nightmare in vinyl format, especially played on sunny Sundays after church, before watching American Gladiators, and after the UPN50 12:00 movie, generally Robocop.
You know, your mom and I went to see Huey Lewis at Harpos when she was pregnant with your sister! Heh, it was great (but it really wasn't).
by Repeatclicks May 01, 2007

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