A Very " Prestigious" High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Located on Bergen Avenue, near the school of prostitutes, St. Dominic's Academy. This so called "amazing" school is the home of the hawkhomos, who lose in possibly everything in life to rival school St. Peter's Prep, home of the Marauders. People go to this school because they are either rejects of St.Peter's,or they are just simply not good enough for such a smart school as Prep. The sports are as simple as this. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, whatever the sport is, you know that St. Peter's has prevailed over the hawkhomos by alot, and i mean alot of points.You might as well call this school Prep Reject Academy, home of the Future Street Venders.
We go to Hudson Catholic because i failed my Co-Op Test!

Damn, again we lose by 40 to St.Peter's Prep!

Marauders snuff hawks!
by Marauder Nation '13 March 25, 2009
Top Definition
Hudson Catholic High School -- Educating thieves, drop-outs, infidels, drug lords coke addicts, gas men,street venders, St. Peter's Prep rejects and dropouts, and other unsavory individuals since 1962 (far too long)
God made the rivers
God made the lakes
God made hudson catholic
We all make mistakes

Prep beat you once again
Ohh Ahh you wish you went to Peter's
by Marauder Nation April 14, 2005
A second-rate private school located in Hudson County, New Jersey. Students are often those rejected from rival school Saint Peter's Preparatory School. Hudson Catholic also tends to lose frequently to St. Peter's in sports competitions.
It was no suprise when the St. Peter's football team beat Hudson Catholic 47 - 0.
by Asian.is.win August 10, 2006
Hudson Catholic High School -- Educating thieves, drop-outs, infidels, drug lords coke addicts, gas men,street venders and other unsavory individuals since 1962
-For two hundred..What is the worst school in the state of New Jersey?

-Alex what is LIncoln?

-Oh Im afraid thats incorrect Steve.The correct answer is Hudson Catholic.
by PRRREP January 12, 2005
An all boys high school located on Bergen Avenue in Jersey City, NJ. The school is for the students that did not want to write a stupid ass essay to get into rival school St. Peter's Prep. The school features all types of students and some strange teachers. The Principal looks like Peter Griffin.

WARNING! If you don't want to get Herpes from all of the geeky ass kids and homosexual wrestlers from St. Peters Prep. This is the school for you.
I went to Hudson Catholic to avoid getting Herpes.
by Mad Mop 22 January 30, 2007
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