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Traditionally a term used to describe a Woman who you find mentally, physically, and sexually repulsive. The 'Huckmole' may or may not be deformed, retarded, nor obese, she will however in some way make you consciously aware of the physical and psychological effects I described.
You and your passenger/mate are driving down the road and your mate notices a hot chick walking on the sidewalk in the same direction as the car is traveling. Upon slowing the car for maximum perve time, both you and your passenger/mate become aware that the 'hot chick' is in fact a 62 year old Huckmole with sagging breasts, and a big gut.

Generally it is acceptable to inform your passenger/mate that if he points out or brings any more Huckmoles to your attention on the commute/drive that he can get the fuck out and walk. However, the shock of your passenger/mate accidentally mistaking a 'hot chick' for a Huckmole is usually enough to correct any error of judgment again for that particular drive/commute.

It is almost always compulsory to bag your passenger/mate out for such a horrendous fuck up for the next 72 hours or so as well.
by singleporter January 31, 2007

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When something/someone is so disgusting that there is no other way to describe it
Daymmm, that bitch is a huck mole.
by Dyldooooo August 30, 2011