A confrontation. When somone calls you out.
I was in quite the hucklebuck after my girl noticed the lip stick on my collar
by nignig December 22, 2005
Jennifer or Amanda leaves the Pub drunk. They feel sorry for their date so they decide to give it up. Next thing they know they are in the hucklebuck and somebody yells "donkeypunch". Not being their first time they stopped dropped and rolled and punched the young man in the back of the head. Thus inventing the reverse donkeypunch.
last night at the pub hucklebuck
by Dr Hucklebuck September 18, 2005
While on her back, the woman wraps her ankles around her lover's neck.
Jill wants Jack to hucklebuck her again.
by Jill October 09, 2003
during sex, doggiestyle of course, slipping two (or three) fingers in her butt, and picking her up off the ground and/or bed whilest screaming "HUCKLEBUCK!!!"
I couldn't hear Jen cry when I gave her the hucklebuck, because I was of course shouting, "HUCKLEBUCK!"
by Prime Time March 31, 2005
The girl lies on the bed on her back with her head just off the bead. She is very flexible. The guy than pull her legs over her head and penetrates while she proceeds to lick your nads. That my friend is the hucklebuck.
Jamie is a gymnast. She can perform the hucklebuck like a champ.
by Brian April 09, 2005
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