The act of anal rape.
I went to this party last week and passed out. When I woke up Greg was hucklebucking me.
by something_clever February 15, 2009
when the girl lays on her back and BOTH legs are behind her head & then you know what happens!
Nicole and Amber love the hucklebuck!
by lilangel March 31, 2003
Amanda lies on her back, one of her legs over your shoulder and another leg on your side while her back rubs on the carpet.
Amanda screams, "GIVE ME THE HUCKLEBUCK!!!!!", while IN the hucklebuck.
by Amandalover March 13, 2003
When the girl lies on her back, one leg over her shoulder and the other leg on your side.
Amanda likes the hucklebuck.
by Bob F*ing Cousy March 11, 2003
the act of swapping or performing a mouthfuck on some unsuspecting person. *A word to be used carefully when speaking. This word can often cause confusion and verbal stuttering when used.
He had nuthin to do with the buck-a-buck....wha wha wha where you come with the bucklebuck?
by hardnothard September 10, 2003
when having sexual relation in the doggy style position the man reachs his hands between her arms locking his fingers together on the back of her neck and pulling back with great force.
Ceaser had Sarah's back arched like a camel when he through her in the hucklebuck
by Mark-Anthony October 15, 2003
The girl is on her back with her heels on the back of his neck. He is standing with his arms wrapped around her shoulders. And then she screams "Hucklebuck!"
Christy and I were on the boat labor day weekend at lake Texoma and I introduced her to the Hucklebuck; with some of her friends.
by Alan February 06, 2005

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