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a form of throwing or tossing usually lacking care or whimsy.
"Julia, huck me my shoes" or " I'm gettin sick of huckin this old baseball"
by Trish's fav February 27, 2008
1. To be a lazy piece of shit;
2. To put off till another day or time, defer, delay;
3. To be averse or disinclined to do any sort of work or activity;
4. To be sick, or to tell people you are sick just so you can sleep all day;
5. To be slow-moving, sluggish;
6. Malaise;
7. Dehydration.
Question: "Why didn't you go to work today?" Answer: "I was huckin' it."
by Charlotte Slims November 04, 2010
another Croleyism originating in Arab, Alabama. It is used to replace "Fucking" or "fuckin" so that you may say it in front of anyone.
"She is huckin ginny"
by chuknow November 06, 2006
Bad ass Burger King chicken.
Wow, Joe and Shari, that chicken is sure huckin.
by Shari June 17, 2006
action verb. a combination of hard and chuckin'.
"Quit huckin' those potatoes at me!!!"
by yolawnda September 01, 2005

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