To be so physicaly drunk you cant function or remember anything.
Shawn drank like 20 beer last night and can't remember how he got home cause he was so,"hucked."
by Duff February 22, 2005
Top Definition
Getting so possibly drunk that you can barley see or walk. Hucked is beyond drunk.
Shawn was so ,"hucked" last night that he fell on his face.
by Deepi Gill May 04, 2005
Getting so physically drunk its beyond drunk. Not being able to see or know what is going on,Not being able to walk or function at all because of booze.
Brennan, Duff, and Clancy were so,"hucked" last night they couldnt even see!
by Scott Duff February 24, 2005
To throw an object extremely hard
Dude hucked that shit at me"
by thanx4theether October 28, 2005
When you are High and Fucked at the same time.
I smoked five blunts and 13 shots. I was Hucked.
by C-Rich1 October 16, 2011
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