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Is a common appelation for caucasian people living in Russia. Such title is considered as a personality come-down (humiliation) or ethnicity hostility but it is a prevalent mention of caucasians among russians.
1)-I can't bear this hairy and spiteful huch! Lets get outa here!
2)-Look this huch is dressed up in D&G, Armani and Cavalli.
-Don't worry, all these clothes are fake.
by Tony1701 January 10, 2007
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To quieten someone by violent means
'He wouldn't shut up, so I huched him good!'
by secant March 23, 2003
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used to replace fuck to avoid foul language also spelt huck
huch u
shut up u muh'hucher
by Tobi Tobs April 27, 2007
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he is so cool that isnt his real name but he is one of the nicest dudes alive dont mess with him or my best friend not saying no names will kill u
by Helen January 25, 2004
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