Three kings Rao, Shun, Yu, who governed the world 4500 years ago. The son of Yu started the first dynasty Xia, the first documented civilization.
huang dynasty
Majesty Huang
by huang the 163th March 05, 2005
A word that it is called out when a friend performs a slightly homosexual act to a person of the same gender.
Cliff "hey buddy could you oil up my back please?"

Kaelan "dude stop being such a HUANG!"
by theyishinclan July 31, 2011
The most awesome person in the world who girls love and adore. Person who is extremely into asians and is a fking boss on starcraft 2 and dota. You cannot become as awesome as this person ever.
OMG THATS huang, marry me now!
by OGLYBOOGLY September 28, 2011
A common last name found in China and in people around the world. In Chinese, the name Huang is written as 黄. The literal meaning of the word is yellow. It's the Huang found in Huang He, a river in China.
I live next door to the Huangs. They're such beautiful and kind people.
by lichno April 25, 2015
a wet, runny, explosive bowel movement
I ate at White Castle last night and I've been tusslin' with huang all day.
by Merida s December 20, 2013
lazy bastard who'll watch you do things with a stupid grin on his lazy face and not even bother to help
Get off your ass and stop being a huang!
by linghuchong December 15, 2010
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