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I know the guy. A leninist, last time I checked. He's a cool guy, except for that wierd period of intense hatred towards me he had at one point.
by Drake Dracoli November 01, 2003
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jack handey
Crazy commie pinko with an un-communist dog.
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
5 4
Homeslice The Whap is the manslave of Jack Handey.
HS The Whap loves mansauce all over his body.
by Handeh February 05, 2003
2 3
Totally Anal.
HS The Whap was caught at a gay bar with his pants down.
by Bishop didnt post this February 05, 2003
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Noun: Jack Handey's man bitch.
HS The Whap is taking it in the ass from Jack Handey!
by HS The Whapadoodledo February 05, 2003
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by dave riley February 05, 2003
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